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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. If you are not afraid of dying, you can do anything. Tao te Ching. To do this walk you must put aside all fear and know that the more pain and suffering you seem to be enduring at the moment the closer you are to a revelation and or comfort. You cannot quit again. It would be better to die by the side of some lonely road in the cold than to lose your faith again. Jwp


  2. Peace

    You need a Home Page link in front of the About Us link on your navigation panel.

    You need to be tweeting often during each and every day.

    You have begun this journey. You have taken the first step. The universe has begun to line up endless miracles in your support. Small and large miracles that you cannot imagine. One step at a time. That is all you have to do. Smile at the pain and suffering. You will survive and within your journal of survival others will be enlightened and the level of peace in the world human society will in fact be increased. Jwp


  3. Peace,

    The world human society hates peace and more so it hates those who advocate it. Yet despite this, there are those who are also of the light as yourself and the greatest darkness is always overcome by a single point of light. You are not alone. The greater your resolve in this endeaver, the brighter your light. The brighter your light, the more people you will awaken to the reality that increasing the peace is an achieveable goal. Perfect peace is an illusion. But increasing the peace in the world human society is undeniably achieveable. You are on that path and with each step your light increases. This is what will nourish your spirit in the worse of times to come. Jwp


  4. Hi, If you ever decide to start an advice segment called ‘Ask The Mad Griot’ I got one for ya.
    Dear Mad Griot,
    Ever since I can remember I occasionally awaken suddenly because i “see” a figure standing over me. But as soon as I am fully awake he’s gone (it feels like its male). Sometimes it makes me scream out (waking up anyone who is sleeping near me). Sometimes the figure is reaching for my mouth to cover it. Over the last couple of years I’ve tried asking it what it wants before I fully awake but haven’t received an answer. But just this simple act of asking it has stopped me from screaming and of being so frightened by it, so that’s good. But something interesting happened the other night. I awoke to the figure sitting at the end of the bed instead of standing, which is a first. And this time there was a second figure behind him standing in the doorway. I was just wondering what you make of all this and if you have had similar occurrences? Thanks. It happens to me no matter where I am sleeping.


    • Hey Hammer Pantz

      The first thing I’d do would be to ask myself, “How do I feel when I’m in the presence of this being? Do I feel good? Do I feel bad? Is it emanating an aura of peace and good will, or does it feel malevolent? What’s my gut telling me?”

      The second thing I’d do is a divination to figure out the identity of said beings. If you do divination as a regular practice and are fairly competent at giving yourself accurate readings, then you can do this yourself, but I would strongly suggest going to someone you trust – someone objective – who can do a divination on your behalf. I’d try to give them as little information as possible – only what’s absolutely necessary – so that they can give you the most accurate reading, one that’s not influenced by anything you say. Ultimately, you should always go with what your intuition and your instincts are telling you. But having an additional pair of eyes on the matter can be helpful.

      I feel like once you do those two things (gut check and divination), you’ll have a better sense of how to proceed.


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