On April 23, 2014, I let the spirit madness take me once again.

I left San Francisco to begin a pilgrimage walk of faith to Mt. Shasta, a reputed location for the Axis Mundi, the World Tree – an inter-dimensional portal that connects all the dimensions in our universe.  For more details, go to  “The Story So Far”.

After two months on the road, I decided to team up with  Daniel Suelo (https://sites.google.com/site/livingwithoutmoney/) and the moneyless tribe (http://zerocurrency.blogspot.com/).

We’re currently living in a cave in Moab, UT, where we plan to be through the fall and winter.  Preparing to make for Mt. Shasta in the spring, if the Spirit wills it so.

This blog is a chronicle of my adventures thus far, and an archive for my creative works.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta





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