“Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out”

So…it’s been a while.

I know, I know.  I’m always saying that.  But then again, it’s always true.

Got lots to write, got lots to tell. No time for it now.

Real quick though.  In less than an hour, I’m going to be on Moab, Utah’s community radio station KZMU.  I’ll be guest starring on Daniel Suelo’s show “Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out” (Sundays 9pm to 11pm MST/DST). Suelo has lived without money for 14 years and counting. I met up with him at the Rainbow Gathering at the beginning of July and haven’t used money since then. It’s been quite an adventure.

Tonight we’ll be discussing how our religious and secular philosophies are destroying the planet.  You know. Light stuff.  When we’re not busy yapping about the end of the world, Daniel will be playing an eclectic blend of music (blues, rock, classical, indie, world, etc) for your listening enjoyment.

For listening online, go to www.kzmu.org

If that doesn’t work, try