Shelter, Shelter

Well, friends, I guess when I first started out, I started out in an upswing. For three days, things have worked out magically.

Now I’m meeting some resistance.  I wish I could go in more detail, I wish I could lay out the story for you as I have done in past posts, but I don’t have the mental energy and only have a half hour on this computer.  But I didn’t want to fall behind on posts. I wanted to leave you with something.

Didn’t sleep much last night on account of the rain in Marin City. Went to church this morning, got fed, and really needed it. Uplifted my spirits for the most part. Leonard contacted me and offered me a lift to San Rafael, where I am now.  Don’t really know the city too well.  I just sorta landed here.

The biggest challenge right now is finding adequate shelter so that I can sleep. I’m all set on food. I’m all set on water. Got a fresh pair of clothes in my bag (I THINK they’re fresh). I just need shelter now, so that I can sleep. 

Shelter, shelter.

God, be my light and show me where thy hidden fortress lies, so that I may rest my wearied brow and dream like I did when I was a child.



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