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Lemon Harangue Pie

Boddhicitta is an exotic Buddhist word for a very simple notion.  

When “boddhi” is put together with “citta” what do we get?  Something like Mind-for-awakening or perhaps Wisdom-attracted-feelings.  In traditional Buddhist culture this is discussed in terms of cultivating a compassionate wish to liberate all sentient beings, including oneself, from suffering & ignorance.  Terrific!  Very Buddhist.  

But what do we find if we look beyond their particular emphasis and phrasing?  What can we see if we search for the very basic and universal form of this concept which may be essential for all sacred and secular forms of self-development? Perhaps we will come closer to this understanding if we consider the following all-to-obvious points:

  • You never “work on yourself” unless you remember your desire to do so.

  • You can’t follow any “path” unless you feel the direction in which it is leading.

  • All your previous moments of profound existential…

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