“Plea Bargain”

you will have to bear
some of this madness.
i kept the knife
and held it
at bay
held it to my
own throat
“Back, back,
you devil!”
but now
you will have to
some of this madness.
i am too tired,
too lazy
this flesh is frayed
the leaks too many
yes, I’m sorry,
but you will have to bear some
of this madness.
let your mountains
the brunt of it
let the sun melt it
let the wind
the load
and let the iron branches
of your oldest trees
brace themselves.
even the birds
can carry their
fair share
of it
take tiny bits
of it
on their light wings
the squirrels can stuff it in
their cheeks
and the roaches should
eat what they can

but you will have to bear
some of my madness

and what
you cannot
you will have to dump

there’s room in your oceans

there’s room in your rivers

there’s room in the bowels of the earth
deep underground
There’s room in your alleys and your gutters
in your crowded restaurants
in your boardrooms
and think tanks
there’s room in your seminars and social gatherings
there’s room in the blackness of space
above the earth
where it can make its way from star to star
and swirl in
the outer rim of a galaxy
till it’s pulled toward the center
like shit down a toilet

would you be
so kind
as to bear
some of my madness?
I can bear yours
a little better


One thought on ““Plea Bargain”

  1. Man Alive! That’s so…wow, I don’t even know what to say! That just really hit the spot for me. You nailed it. I often feel the same way. Thanks for that.
    But geez, where are the other comments?! How can I be the only one?! Man I wish for you that there were others more articulate than I commenting on your poems. People that didn’t need to resort to referencing Harold Ramis movies (may he rest in peace) like Groundhog Day in order to convey their thoughts. You hear that people out in internet land?! Get commenting already!
    Ok, so this poem made me think of this Caroline Myss article I like entitled ‘In Times Like These’ about all the chaos that we seemed to be currently immersed in.


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