“Pretty Girl at the Library”

Hey there
pretty girl

You sure are
pretty girl

You got
glasses on
and a heavy book
in front of you
so I know
you’re smart
pretty girl.

You in college
pretty girl?
You taking classes
pretty girl?
It’s pretty early
in the morning
pretty girl

are you on break?

You smiled at me
when you took a seat
So I think I got
a shot with you.

Lots of homeless people
hang out here
in the library
pretty girl
They wait
before the doors open
It’s a warm place
to be,
the library.

I saw a guy
whip out a hot plate
and plug it in
to an outlet
and make hot ramen
Right there
in the library!
Crazy, right?

Oh no.

No no no.

I’m not like
these other guys
pretty girl
I just fell on
some hard times
pretty girl

I went to college
Had a job.
But things got weird
and now my mind
doesn’t work
the way
it used to.
It’s not
it just doesn’t work
the way it used to.

I’m not explaining it
very good.

I just…

I’m not like
these other guys
pretty girl.
I swear I’m not.
My life is not
a cautionary tale.
I swear it isn’t.

Do you believe me
pretty girl?
Do you see me
pretty girl?

Could you need me
pretty girl
and love me
pretty girl?


pretty girl
Never you mind
I’ll be silent

No need
to go through
all that
pretty girl

Too much fear.
I’ll just
look at you
from over here
this feeling
isn’t one
I really need
and write a poem
you never have
to read

I think that’s
for the best
pretty girl

don’t you agree?


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