“King Mab”

"King Mab"


2 thoughts on ““King Mab”

  1. Like the drawings. They remind me a little of Wassily Kandinsky or Paul Klee, you know those cats? Klee was influenced a lot by his dreams and the unconscious, he’s definitely worth looking into if you’re not already familiar. Have you tried pastels or paint yet? Or any medium where you use your fingers directly on the paper? I think your style would really lend itself to mixed media. I feel like your drawings want to express even more but are limited by what the colored pencil is capable of. More layers! For instance, the larger swaths of color in this drawing could be done in water color or pastel, leaving the overlapping solid lines to stand out more. Just some thoughts, as a 4 time art school drop out I feel I have some clout here. But also your drawings are what they are and they’re great. Keep doing them and see what comes out.


    • Thanks. I don’t know those two. I didn’t even know cats could paint.

      *I posted this comment before I saw that you had written much more than my email alert showed, hence this update*

      Your comment about being limited by the colored pencils is spot on. That is how I feel – like there’s more I want to express, but there’s only so much I can do with what I have – that and I’ve had no training – I’m just making up a technique as I go along. I’ve thought about picking up an intro to drawing/painting book at the library and/or stopping by an art supply store but I wasn’t really sure what I should be looking for. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of pastels and water colors. I’ll see if I can get some.


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