Suelo and the Moneyless Tribe


A while ago, someone commented on my blog, mentioning a guy named Suelo.  Suelo’s been living without money for the past 10 years, relying solely on gift economy practices.  He believes this type of living truly exemplifies what Jesus was talking about when he preached about the “kingdom of heaven”.

He’s got a website that explains his beliefs.  In addition to his own articles, the site contains a massive amount  of supporting scriptures references – from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Taoism, and Mormonism – that support this way of life.

He also has a blog which chronicles his adventures in moneyless living.

He and a group of like-minded folks have started a  nomadic group called “The Moneyless Tribe” and are basically traveling around the country like a band of sadhus, volunteering where they can, sleeping where they can, and eating only what food they can find or is offered freely.

It sounds crazy.

Totally  crazy.

I may try to find them.


2 thoughts on “Suelo and the Moneyless Tribe

    • Thanks for sharing this. This made my day. Also makes me sad though, when thinking about how urban sprawl is making it harder for people who want to live this sort of lifestyle. That and being persecuted by law enforcement. I can’t (and can) believe that the police harassed him so much, and that it’s essentially illegal to not have a place to sleep. Still, very inspiring. It must be nice traveling with mules. You always have companionship. One thing though: these animals take massive shits! What does he do if he’s walking in the city and one decides to drop a deuce on the sidewalk? There’s not a pooper scooper in the world that could handle that kind of job…


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