New Blog Site


Some news:

1.  I’ll now be blogging on this site:

If you’re a subscriber to this blog, you can continue your subscription on the new site by going to the “Follow” tab at the bottom right corner and typing in your email address.

2.  I’ll be back on the road again sometime at the end of September or early October.  More details to come.


3 thoughts on “New Blog Site

  1. New look, same great taste!
    Love the blog makeover, but i really think you should include a photo of a comedian in the header collage to represent that aspect of yourself and to point out that humorists can be zen too(you got your George Carlin, your Lily Tomlin, your Mitch Hedberg, or an E.B. White or James Thurber if you will). I think it would be hilarious (and relevant) if you threw in a picture of someone like Dave Chapelle or Mark Twain or Steven Wright among that pious mix of devout images you have going on there.


  2. Love the additions of Charlie Chaplin and Richard Prior! Excellent choices! I almost suggested Harpo Marx because he was essentially just one of those old trickster gods you read about plus he was always taking a vow of silence not to mention he played this very angelic sounding instrument (the harp) that we associate with heaven and dream sequences.
    Can’t wait to read your next big blog post! Hope you are well!


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