Dream Signs

Free_texture_-_purple_dream_(6922675229)The third part of the Road to Peace Pilgrim series.

I woke up in the middle of the night.  At least…I thought I was awake.  I was in my bed.  Everything had this hazy quality to it.  Like looking at a TV with bad reception.  And I was paralyzed again.

I felt someone come into my room.  I thought it was my roommate.  “Aaron?” I said.

But it wasn’t Aaron.  Whoever – whatever  – it was, it was giving off an aura of malevolence.  It rushed up to my bed, knelt down beside me, and whispered things to me.  Accusing things.  Hateful things.  Things about myself.  What a worthless person I was.  The insults were coming at me so fast, I couldn’t even keep up with them.  I just listened, wide-eyed, in shock.

I caught the last phrase, though:

“…and your bathroom is a mess!” I blinked, and then smiled.  I couldn’t help but smile.  Of course.

Of course my personal demon would lay into me about keeping my bathroom neat.

I reached deep down inside myself and pulled out all the love I could muster and sent it towards this being.  I don’t really know why I thought to do that.  It was instinct more than anything else.

Immediately, the being vanished.  I was free.  I stood up immediately looking around the room.  I saw green and blue blobs floating around on my floor.  I blinked. Wait a minute, I thought.  Am I still..?

I blinked and I was back in bed, waking up for real.

The next night there were no visitations.  Just incredibly lucid dreams.

An old Russian woman spoke to me of a past life we shared together…

Martin Luther King made an appearance:  “Behold the land of Canaan,” he said, “whether Caanan’s land is here or not.”

Then, oddly enough, my final visitor was a friend I knew from work.  She told me that I had chained all the people I knew in my life to my ego.  I needed to let them go.  “Nobody can give you what you already possess within yourself,” she said.  “Release your brothers.”

And that was it.  The dreams, the night paralysis…it all stopped after that.  Everything went back to normal.

Everything but me.


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