My First, Real-Life, Honest-to-Goodness Hollywood Premiere: Part 1

Going to the premiere of Peeples tonight, which stars Craig Robinson, Kerry Washington, David Alan Greer, and my good friend and writing partner Malcolm Barrett.

I actually went to a pre-screening of the movie a couple months ago and laughed my ass off.

I wasn’t expecting to get invited to the premiere, but yesterday, I got an email in my inbox saying that Malcolm had hooked me up with a ticket.  So now I’m going.

I’m excited.  I’m also nervous.  It’s a big, fancy event, and I’m not big or fancy.

It’s strange when I think about the shit that makes me nervous and the shit that doesn’t make me blink twice.   Seeing a funny movie with good friends and possibly hanging out with celebrities makes me way more anxious than taking hallucinogens and trying to walk across the country.

In any case, the movie – written and directed by Tina Gordon Chism, who wrote ATL and Drumline – opens this Friday, May 10th.  It’s not often that we see well-written comedies starring black folks, so please go out and support it this weekend.

If I’m not too hungover tomorrow, I’ll let you know how the premiere went.


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