Ladies’ Night


I’m giving my friend a ride home from an audition.  We shoot the shit, crack jokes, then hit a lull in the conversation.  We sit in silence.  Then…

“Oh, yes, it’s ladies’ night.  And the feeling’s right.  Oh, yes, it’s ladies’ night.  Oh, what a night!”

My friend stares at me.

Really?” he says.
“I don’t know what happened,” I say.  “It just came out.  There was no stopping it.”
“Wow,” he says.  “Wow.”

A long silent beat.  Then…

“Does it matter that I was singing the Lil’ Kim version?”
“That doesn’t make it better?”

A beat.  Then…

“Sorry,” I say, “But I gotta stand by that song choice.”
“You do that.”

Whatever.  It’s a good song.





3 thoughts on “Ladies’ Night

    • Thanks, Lydia. I just sent a petition over to my friend to guest post; he’s thinking about it. I’ll keep you posted.


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