Back At It


The Unbound reading went great, but it’ll be a while before I know for certain what its future will be.

After it was all over, I had the post-reading blues.  You pour so much of yourself into one project, when it’s finally over, you’re left standing there, breathless and bewildered.  You can’t do much else but finally look at the things in your life that you’ve neglected while you were focused on the work.

For me, this meant looking at my friend’s couch – the couch I’ve been sleeping on since last June.

After I went from the post-reading blues to the I’m-fucking-up-my-life-like-a-pro blues, I finally buckled down and hunted for freelance writing work to pay the bills.  This has involved ghost writing articles for various blogs on the Internet.  It’s not the best paying work, but it’s paying work.

I’m staying optimistic.  I’ve been in worse situations.

I’ll be out of my friend’s place by the end of May.


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