Under Constru…Whatever, Let’s Do This

BOOM!  Here it is, people!  Finally.  My website.  My blog.  You ready for this?  ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?

I hope so.  ‘Cause I’m not.

This site is still a bit under construction, so publishing posts on it is like throwing a house party while the paint on the walls is still drying.  And I’m still waiting for the furniture.  And there’s no toilet.  But the party still has good food, good drinks, and good company.  Good company goes a long way, especially since you can always pee in the backyard.

I digress.

Of course, if you’re reading this post a year from now, you’re going to be looking at a totally pimped-out website, so all of this will be a moot point.  That’s crazy, right?  Here I am, communicating to you from the past, and there you are in the future.  IT’S LIKE TIME TRAVEL!!! OOOOOOOH!

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